Mandatory budget cap for Formula 1 teams proposed

The current format in the Formula 1 seems to favour those with high budget like McLaren Mercedes and Ferrari and those without such luxury seemed to lose out not only in terms of advantage but in races as well.

Frank Willaims, the owner of the Williams F1 team is calling for a budget cap ruling for the next coming season. This came in light of the announcement made by the FIA that teams that run under a £40 million budget in the coming season could enjoy more freedom in technicalities.

Williams is calling for the budget cap to be made mandatory. He said “We would like to see all the teams operating to one set of regulations and under a budget cap in 2010 and that is the position we will be advocating within (Formula One Teams Association) FOTA when we meet next week. We understand that this will represent a serious challenge for some of the teams but we expect that FOTA will work together to find a unified and constructive way to take the FIA’s initiative forward. Williams has supported the introduction of a budget cap since the idea was first put forward early in 2008. Since then FOTA has made tremendous steps forward on costs but the rationale for a budget cap has also grown even stronger.”