Massa aims to come back in Brazil

Ever since then, reports after reports began surfacing that who will be his replacement with former World Champion Michael Schumacher being mentioned. This has been confirmed by the German himself who decided to come out of retirement to race for the team again, only to have that move stopped by his own neck injury which ruled him out of competitive racing. With another option down, Ferrari then turned to Italian Luca Badoer who is one of the team’s test driver and has had many years of F1 racing experience under his belt.

Massa, on the other hand has been recovering steadily and has since returned to his home in Brazil to recuperate. The 28 year old is said to be on course and recovering very well and he cannot wait to get down and race again. In fact, so good is the progress of his recovery that he now expects to get into the car by the time the F1 circus travel to his country in Brazil.

Massa said "I cannot wait to race again, I hope I can do the Brazilian Grand Prix. But it's not for me to say, it's for the doctors, and I have to show I can be ready for the grand prix. I think I am going to do some laps in a go-kart beforehand, then I will go to the FIA to do the examinations and get the authorisation to come back to racing,"

Thinking back, as he had said earlier he could not recall what happened in the accident as it all happened too quickly and next thing he knew, he was in the hospital. He added that "I lived the accident, but I slept. I didn't see the spring. Many people ask me: 'the spring came, did you not see it?' But I didn't see it hit me, I didn't see anything. The spring just hit my head and I slept. The car crashed and I carried on accelerating but it almost wasn't me that was doing it. It looks like I move my hands, but I was sleeping. When I woke in hospital, I felt that everything was working. I saw that my eye was really really big, but I was breathing and thinking. I could move my arms, I could move my legs, I could move everything,"