Mastretta MXT puts Mexico onto to world map

This car is pretty cool and it also looks good as well. The company we are talking about here is Tecnoidea SAPI de CV which as mentioned is a Mexican company. They have had some 20 years of experience in the transportation sector under their belt where they have been renowned to have used creativity, innovation and technology to help businesses conceptualize products up to the rolling out of the products.

Their early efforts include using FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) to make replicas of the more popular car models including the 1955 Speedster which put them onto the world map. As for the MXT, it was first envisioned back in 2006 where they wanted to make a provocative and uniquely styled brand new sports car. Hence, the first prototype was first unveiled at the British Motor Show in 2008 where they then announced that 2009 will see the start of production but was postponed due to the global economic crisis.

Well, the one that is put on show in Paris represents the first one by the company which typically is a 2 seat sports car which is high performance made through the mechanical excellence that the company is known for. It is a lightweight model, which is very much the demand in the market these days. Using advanced aerospace material to build and fitted with motorsport technology, the engineers have been very driver-oriented when building this car.

Inside the car, you will be surprised to find that it looked quite spacious for a 2 seater. They have also put in premium leather onto their carbon fiber seats while coming with state-of-the-art technology where entertainment is channeled through its Multimedia system that is GPS enable,d and provide you with iPod and BlueTooth connectivity. While it is not very often that we hear from the Mexican companies, but with the new Mastretta MXT, it surely is one step forward and others would need to sit up and take notice now.