Mazda CX-5 coming to our shores soon

It seems that brochures of new car models make their rounds before they are launched and the latest to join in the fray is the Mazda CX-5.

The latest leaked information is that the CX-5 will be an imported model from Japan and it comes with the revolutionary Skyactiv technology and that would come in the form of the Skyactiv –G 2.0 liter petrol engine.

This is where the CX-5 is reported to be more rigid and lighter and will come paired with a 6 speed automatic transmission gearbox. Apart from that, it would be fitted with some other cool stuffs where the Malaysian market is set to receive daytime running lights, bi-xenon headlights, rain sensor front wipers as well as 6 air bags. A Special Accessories Package is where you get to enjoy additional goodies like Bose sound system channeled through its 9 speaker layout, 19 inch allows, an electric sunroof and a multi-information display system that comes with navigation software.

If you are interested, the price for the CX-5 as reported would be RM159,500 for the standard version while you need to fork out RM169,760 for the 4WD version. Other standards include an auto-cruise system while if you go for the package, you will enjoy a TFT screen reverse camera system and leather seats too.