Mazda M’sia launches Mazda 3 Sport

According to Bremaz Motor, they aim to sell 300 units each month from now for this fully imported model. The four door sedan-looking car is actually quite sporty to begin with. To be honest, this car is quick and flawless when it comes to acceleration and such and if you are to modify it a little bit more, then you have a great performance car which is quite impressive.

The car comes in 2 variants, differentiated through the capacity of the engines, which are both DOHC,4 cylinder 1.6 liter and the 2.0liter engines respectively. The latter one comes fitted with steering wheel mounted controls, bi-xenon headlamps, dynamic stability control, LED rear combination lamps and side airbags. It is capable of pushing out 145 horsepowers at 6,500rpm and 182Nm of torque at 4,500rpm.

In the engine, you get that smooth and almost perfect 5 speed automatic transmission gearbox where a paddle shifter on the steering wheel can be activated once you move it manual mode. Standard equipments include semi-bucket front seats, which is pretty good especially if you are taking the car into bends in high speed. Costing somewhere around RM132,000 this car is quite a steal.

In all fairness, the Mazda 3 Sports is very well designed and gives you the young, hip and cool persona. Having said that, there is a lot of sophistication and dynamism that seemed to be overflowing. Inside the car, you get that dual layout which includes their very own MID (Multi Information Display) system which gives you all the essential information you need about the car on demand. On the steering wheel, if you are in the 2.0 variant, you can control the gears as well as the audio and auto cruise controls as well. This is one very cool and convenient feature of this car.

In most cases, Mazda has since come a long way since the days of the 323s, 626s and 929s. Their new generation cars have been nicely designed with a lot of touches on elegance and modernistic tastes, and this particular one, the Mazda 3 Sports is one that clearly sets the standards that its competitors will surely take notice and be very cautious.