Mazda reveals the Mazda Takeri concept which will be what the Mazda6 be based on


Japanese car giant Mazda recently unveiled images of their latest generation of their midsize sedan concept vehicle, the Mazda Takeri.


This cool looking new model is set to be put on show in the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show where it will be shown to the world.

The Takeri will be fitted with the full SkyActiv technology systems and will be the new design language which will be used in the new, upcoming Mazda6. This means that it exudes the “Kodo – Soul of Motion” design direction while its Building Block Strategy will come with the 3 new steps into the future of introducing the i-stop or idling stop technology, the regenerative braking technology and the electric drive technology which will be found in its hybrid and electric engines.

The theme that Mazda is putting at the show which will be from December 3 to 11 is “Environmental Technology, Pushing the Boundaries of the Emotion of Motion” where their SkyActiv technology is set to take the industry by storm, pretty much what one can compare with the likes of the EfficientDynamics of BMW and the BlueEfficiency technology by Mercedes-Benz. The industry is looking forward to the new Mazda6 following its recent launch of the Demio or Mazda2 and the Mazda3 or the Axela earlier this year. The SkyActiv CX-5 crossover will also be launched at the show.