Mazda is one of the top Japanese automotive brands owned by the Mazda Motor Corporation. Based in the Hiroshima Prefecture in Japan, it is one of the most successful global brands in the market today. It has been reported that Mazda was the fifteenth biggest automotive manufacturer in the world in 2011.

The Mazda name is taken from Ahura Mazda, a God of Wisdom, Intelligence and Harmony of one of the earliest civilizations of west Asia as well as from Jujiro Matsuda, the cfounder of the company. It started in 1920 as Toyo Cork Kogyo Co Ltd which was manufacturing machine tools. In 1931, the company launched the Mazda-Go Autorickshaw and was involved in weapons production during World War II. It was only in 1984 that the name Mazda was formally introduced.

Throughout history, Mazda cars have enjoyed a lot of success especially in the automobile segment. Its RX-7 remains as one of the most influential and iconic sports cars ever produced. The rotary engine technology has become quite a mainstay among car enthusiast and this was continued into the RX-8. Mazda partnered with Ford between 1979 and 2000 which saw a lot of technology transfer between the 2 brands.

Starting from 2010, Ford has moved out of the partnership while Mazda has been reinventing itself with new technologies like its SkyActiv platform. In Malaysia, Mazda is marketed by Bermaz motor, a subsidiary of Berjaya Group. Most of the popular models like the Mazda3, Mazda 6 and MX-5 are available for the Malaysian market.

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