Mazda2 Maxx is one fun car to drive

The car comes fitted with a 1.5 liter, 4 cylinder engine with a 16V DOHC mechanism with sequential valve timing. The car gets you 82 horses at 6,000rpm and 141 Nm of torque at 4,000. Together with the engine is a 5 speed manual transmission gearbox or you can opt for the 4 speed automatic transmission. Our choice, get the auto.

Being a compact car means that there must be ample space but not overly huge where the Mazda2 Maxx measures just shy of 3 meters and about 1.7 meters wide. The body is mated with matching door handles, alloy wheels and a roof spoiler at the back. It also comes with a 6 CD changer with controls on the steering wheel. In terms of safety, you get the usual ABS and such but you can also opt for the safety package which comes with side and curtain airbags as added features.

So what about the performance of this car. This car actually is impressive when it comes to comfort and handling. While compact cars usually gives you the fragile impression, Mazda is never stingy when it comes to ensuring comfort. Hence, you can expect that driving would be quite a breeze. It handles pretty well too, although you might not be going too fast in bends, otherwise the car handles quite steadily.

In terms of speed and boost, that would be one thing you which you might not want to be too overly concerned about because a car this size will most likely not be too quick. Having said that it means that it will get you to places in the shortest time possible and parking is quite easy considering its size and stature. There are 2 variants of this car being produces where you can either get the 3 door or the 5 door version.

While most of the other car makers have gone out and establish their models in every way possible including some who has so far been hugely successful in the compact car segment, Mazda has taken their time, perhaps to learn from those who had made mistakes but what they have rolled out is surely a gem here.