Mazda’s new CX7 big but not too impressive

But looks are nothing if it does not live up to its impression. To begin with, this SUV do meet every expectation you might have. The design and curves on the outside is professional and elegant. The car is fitted with a reverse-camera which is connected to the in-car LCD monitor. There are a lot of space inside the CX7 but to a certain extent, as mentioned it looks larger than it seemed hence one might find that seating space might be a bit too ‘stuffy’, which is weird.

The car comes with a premium BOSE audio system which is fitted and nicely attached around the car. The 9 speakers are good enough as you plug in up to 6 CDs into the changer. As with most BOSE speakers, clarity and power bass are at its best. Do not expect to get too much space here though although it is big but ultimately, getting in and out is a breeze.

Underneath the hood, a 2.3 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder engine gives you up to 175kw and a maximum o350Nm of torque which as quick as it sounds, there really is a no sound when inside. It is also moved by its 6 speed automatic transmission gearbox and is supposedly not very impressive when it comes to fuel economy stating on 11.5 liters per 100kilometers. If there is one thing very commendable about the CX7 is the handling of this car which is pretty good considering its size. The independent suspension in this car is pretty strong and firm although it can be a little hard, but apart from that, you can have no complaints.

Make use of the reverse camera and it makes parking this machine a breeze. To say the least, Mazda’s recent rebranding have been quite a success and their new models too have been able to get their way into the many market segments around and with CX7, although it might not immediately make an impact, it would eventually get there too.