Mercedes-Benz is one of the German Top 3 car makers in the world together with Audi and BMW. In most markets, the competition is always between Mercedes-Benz and BMW where they will compete in every segment possible.

Mercedes-Benz’s 3 spoke diamond logo remains as one of the most recognized emblems in almost every part of the world. This German brand is in almost every automotive market segment in every corner of the world while it is involved in major motorsports events like the Le Mans, Formula 1 World Championship and many more.

Owned by Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz is involved in manufacturing and marketing of luxury vehicles, sports cars and commercial vehicles like trucks and buses. Its headquarters is in Stuttgart in Germany with a long and rich history of innovation and high-technology vehicles.

The Mercedes-Benz name was first used in 1926 when it was known as Daimler-Benz although there have been claims that it was used earlier than that. Since then, Mercedes-Benz has grown steadily and is now one of the top automobiles in the world around. Its different classes of vehicles like the S, C and E Classes have appealed to consumers and drivers from different market segments and have been hugely successful in their respective markets.

In Malaysia, Mercedes-Benz remains as one of the top selling luxury brands which is driven by top level executives, businessmen and the upscale segment drivers. Apart from that, its A class of SUV vehicles have been performing very well among families as well.

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