Mercedes launches the ML450 Hybrid

This SUV is one that Mercedes would definitley be proud of. Safety is always the main concern especially where continental cars are concerned while comfort are never compromised as Mercedes has an impression to uphold. One look at the SUV and you get the feeling of comfort, safety and elegance, all rolled into one. Prior to the launch, the car has been tested for its durability and definitely longetivity. This was done where the car was tested under extreme weather conditions as well as 4 million kilometers of driving to judge if the car could produce the same efficiency, after that long ‘drive’.

The ML450 Hybrid is one that adopts the 2 tier engine operation applied through the Daimler AG, BMW Group, General Motors and Chyrsler ‘Global Hybrid cooperation’ project, of which it uses either electric, petrol or both as the basic engine mover. The result was not only promising but vastly economical as well where performance wise was easily matchable to the usual 8 cylinder SUVs with fuel cosumption was reduced by up to 60%. The transmission unit consisting of 2 compact electric motors, 4 clutches and 3 planetary gear sets consume the heart of the 2-mode hybrid drive which allows power to be split and channeled through its mechanical and electrical paths.

Various types of systems are being adopte din its 4MATIC permanent all-wheel-drive system which are driven through its 4 clutches systems which are used to distribute the driving force produced through both its combustion and electric motor engines, for instance, at low speed unil the second gear, it runs comfortably in the ECVT 1 Mode (Electric Continously Variable Transmission) while at higher speed, Mode 2 is activated.

In most situations, the ML450 Hybrid would mark the way forward for Mercedes whose vehicles need very little introduction globally. With efficiency, comfort and fuel consumption reduction the name of the game, this hybrid is going to be one which will make their stay last for a while and will buyers would welcome it with open arms.