Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race ready to roll!!

The race started off back in 2000 and this year marks the tenth time it is taking place with 55 cars racing in the first edition. The format of the race is such that it will be a 12 hour non-stop race with 2 or 3 drivers maximum taking turns on the wheels. The race was first initiated as one of the events to celebrate the country’s independence day which falls on August 31 each year. The winner is judged based on which team can finish the most number of laps around the circuit which totals to 5.543 kilometers.

This time around, the race will no longer be as its previous editions where there are 4 main categories which were Class O for super cars, Class A for the performance cars like the Type Rs, Class B for cars like Satria GTis and Class C for the Protons and modified Civics. This time around, Classes B and C will be an independent race by itself known as the Sepang 1000km race.

This means that the higher grade cars in Classes O and A will be more where there will be a division in Class A race where A1 involves Group B or GT4 or non FIA homologated production sports cars while A2 involves production sports and saloon cars or Group N and Group A or non FIA homologated Touring Cars.

Participants for the race comes from various neighbouring countries like Australia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and of course the homeboys Malaysia with top performance cars set to line up in the grid like the Toyota Altezza, the Honda Civics, Integras, S2000, the Mini Cooper, Lotus 2-Eleven and of course the top range Porsches, Viper, Aston Martin and Moslers all in place. The MMER is set to be big huge carnival with programs lined up not only for the car craze people but for the whole family as well with colouring contests, traditional dance competitions and such for the kids. There will also be booths offering local fruits to suit every taste bud while coming for display too would be the Mitsubishi EVO “Helang” cars used by the cops, Lotus Car Club, Waja Club as well as the Petronas tanker.