Michael Schumacher hints at returning to Ferrari

While the team has yet to decide or make an announcement if there will be a replacement driver for Massa, Schumacher himself has not ruled out a move to the team to stand in for the Brazilian who is recuperating in the hospital. Massa is recovering and is expected to be discharged in 10 days’ time.

Wili Weber, the manager of Schumacher said that while the German driver did rule out a move into the team outright earlier, it seems that he has retracted his statements and is willing to help the team continue their momentum in their frailing championship hopes this season. Weber said "The whole thing will be considered by Ferrari. If they approach Michael, then he will consider it. Usually, I would say he's not interested because he's fine with his life and he doesn't miss anything but now the situation is so different – it's very hypothetical – and Michael doesn't want to step into that [discussion],"

To say the least, Schumacher himself is not fully fit at the moment as he suffered an injury to the neck during a motorcycle accident early this year. Weber added that "I really can't tell you if his neck would be fine to drive an F1 race. If Ferrari asked him whether he would consider driving, he would have it checked – and remember he is a 40-year-old man, too."