MINI Clubvan Concept for small business owners who want to look trendy and stylish


Now this is something which the iconic Mini might not be too accustomed with.

Shown at the Geneva Motor Show, BMW’s Mini will be showing off their Mini Clubvan Concept which pretty much diversifies from its original intention where it is designed for small business owners and entrepreneurs who like to be stylish and trendy. Now it is not really so much a moon-shot anymore because rumours have already been circulating for a while now about this model.

Naturally, the model that the Clubvan got its cue from would be the Mini Clubman and if this gets into production, then they would surely have an almost complete lineup for everyone which will compete with the likes of the Peugeot 207 and the Opel Astravan. The Clubvan would surely be a more trendy option and surely more iconic, as with all other Mini models. Not so much for the vegetable seller but perhaps for the bookstore owner of the art-gallery owner, the Clubvan would be an ideal car to use. This is where you get the Clubdoor as seen in the Clubman so it becomes an ideal van-like car vehicle which will look good, gets the work done, transport the goods and ultimately it is a Mini.