Mini Cooper D – one of the most fuel-economical models around

The Mini Copper D, which have been one of the most fuel economical models around and unlike some carmakers who usually give you a stripped down basic machine with their fuel economical ones, Mini has given you one with all the possible fittings you would like and come to expect from a Cooper. The engine here is the 1.6 liter 4 cylinder common rail turbo-diesel engine which gets you up to 80kW and a maximum of 240Nm of torque between 1,750 and 2,000rpm. It also comes with a n ‘Overboost’ mode which gets you an additional 20Nm of torque whenever you need to do so. The engine of course is developed by its parent company BMW and the turbo charger was designed specifically for this model. It is also mated with either a six speed manual or automatic transmission gearbox.

On top of that, the Mini D also comes with various fittings like its standard Auto Start Stop system which is available in the manual transmission model, Shift Point Display which ‘advises’ you on when to change gear in order to maintain fuel efficiency, Brake Energy Regeneration, Electric Power Assisted Steering and such. Inside the car, the standard Mini DNA can be seen all around like its rounded-clock design speedometer and its flip switches.

As with all Minis, space would be a bit limited here with a 160 liter boot space but this car is renowned to be quite a good handler when it comes to the performance. Where speed is not the most significant element here, you will surely like the bends when you are in the higher speeds. From zero to hundred in 9.9 seconds, it is not much to shout about but with the fuel economy in tow, this surely is quite a worth model.