Mini gives us more with the new 2011 crossover

It will start selling in the United States next February which comes with either 4 or 5 seats where this car is more about comfort and luxury instead of the usual speed and performance oriented Minis. This means that if you are not satisfied with Mini’s standard 4 seater arrangement, then you can opt to order the 3 seater bench which comes without any extra cist You get the nice illumination in the center rail which comes with not only the light but also an iPod charger plus other mobile gadgets.

Under the hood, you can get either the 1.6 liter version that gets you up to 120 horses or the if you want the best of both worlds, go for the Countryman S which comes with a twin turbocharger 1.6 liter engine that is tuned up to 180 horses. In most Minis space is always quite something you have to compromise but as a crossover, it is known to be one of the most functional models from its stable.

It comes with Mini’s ALL4 system which applied the electro-hydraulic differential concept that distributes power from its front wheel to its rear giving the back some 50% of the power. According to Mini, under severe conditions, 100 percent of the power could be shifted to nay wheel and that when released, the Mini Countryman is expected to be the most fuel-efficient crossover in its segment in the United States. Being a performance car in nature, it comes with 17 inch rims fitted with 205/50R17 run-flat tires.

Seriously, this is one Mini which you can least expect to mess around with not so much because it is different but because it is unique. It is all about keeping up with the times and pushing the bar further in the competition. Like it or not, Mini has this figured out and they surely did an excellent job with that.