Mini John Cooper Works tops its class

To say the least, the Cooper has been around long enough to create the niche on its own. The cute, small but powerful machine is one that you will always remember, whether it is a trip down memory, one that your parents will cherish or one that you felt could be the attraction from both ends. The Cooper, regardless of its variant and model is one that turns heads, no matter what country, what place and what time.

The Mini Cooper S is one of the top of the line products from this age-old brand. Cooper S owners take pride in their cars because of the fact that it is fast, performance oriented and, well pretty. But if you are one who wants to push the Cooper S to its limits, then you will surely appreciate the new Mini John Cooper Works.

Known to be the sportiest production of the Mini, this car comes standard with a 1.6 liter turbo-charged engine that gives you an out of this world 211 horsepowers and 260Nm of torque capable of getting to another 20Nm with its Overboost mechanism. The engine is powered through its six-speed manual gearbox where gear change is flawless and smooth enough that any new driver could well seemed like a race car driver.

The car handles extremely well with its 17 inch alloy rims and wheels. It also comes with a roof spoiler and a nice looking double tailpipe sports exhaust. Traction Control and Differential Lock Control are also new additions to this machine which are great and very practical.

In terms of safety, the John Cooper comes equipped with Automatic Stability Control + Traction, Dynamic Stability Control with Dynamic Traction Control and Electronic Differential Lock Control, ABS and 6 air-bags. For all that matters, this small wonder is one crazy car for the speed crazy, and with the superb handling and design, it is a wonderful drive. After all, who wouldn’t like Cooper. After all, who wouldn’t like a Mini John Cooper Works.