MINI releases Cooper Graphite SE in UK

The Cooper Graphite comes in various versions and are made for the Cooper, the ONE and the Cooper Ds. For the MINI ONE, you can have your choice on the stripes to be either white or black sitting majestically on top the 16 inch Bridge Spoke alloy wheels. In Britain, the Cooper Graphite comes in 2 price brackets. The D model is priced at £15,660 while the petrol version is £14,590.

If you purchase the Graphite ONE, which is the lowest range among all the variations, the car comes in dark silver colour, white indicator lenses, black interior, black bonnet stripes, Graphite Badge and 15-inch Rotator Spoke alloy wheels all for the price of £13,075.

The MINI Cooper Graphite and Cooper D Graphite variations are more expensive variations. All come standard with 16-inch Bridge spoke alloy wheels, white or black stripes on the bonnet and additionals like the MINI Hatch.

The Graphite versions will definitely be a great addition to the MINI family which over the years have garnered a huge following from fans throughout the world. To say the least, the MINI followers would be more than happy to include the Graphite models to the other special editions like the Park Lane, Checkmates and Se7ens. It will just be a matter of time before these versions make their way into Malaysia, take a breath and it will soon be.