Mitsubishi ASX launched in Malaysia

In their own words, the ASX (or RVR) is the compact crossover which gives you the cool features of the SUV and the compactness of a typical sedan. Priced at RM139,980, this car would be quite a steal where it is just a little less than 4.3 meter long and is designed based on the Mitsubishi Outlander. Turning radius is at 5.3 meters with MacPherson struts holding up the front with a hydraulic steering system.

Under the hood, you will get the 2.0 liter, 16 valve, DOHC MiVEC engine. The 4B11 engine is the same one used in the Mitsubishi Lancer which gets you about 149 horses and 199Nm of torque. Compared to the Lancer version, all factors considered, you get up to 152 horses. The engine is paired up with the INVECS-III CVT transmission gearbox that comes with a 6 speed Sport Mode. The steering wheel and the gear knob are all black leather wrapped while the Kenwood entertainment system is a cool equipment to have. After all, it seemed to be quite de facto these days with cars around this size to have the camera channeling the video through when reversing. Ultimately reviewers are quick to find that the ASX does handle quite well considering its height.

Magnesium paddle shifters are fitted for your convenience and for the price mentioned, you also get the ASC (Active Stability control), the Hill Start Assist system, leather seats, a cruise control system, auto air conditioning and such. At the moment, the ASX is a fully imported from Japan CBU (Completely Built Unit). You would also like the double din touch screen ICE system that comes is connected to the reverse camera while you also get dual front airbags that is integrated with a knee airbag for the driver as well. For all that you get in this one, as mentioned, it is quite an ideal buy for anyone who is not looking for a overly sized car and yet gives you enough space to move around. They are putting it out in Midvalley this coming November 10 for display where you will be able to get up to 13 different accessories for the insides and outsides.