Mitsubishi goes another level with the PX-MiEV crossover concept

The concept car also comes with serial and parallel modes as well as wireless charging where it would be one of the most revolutionary models ever. In fact, the design of this car reminds you of any other CUVs around this segment. For Mitsubishi you can related it to the recently revamped Outlander although it also comes across among Honda’s CRV and the likes of it as well. On this, the plug-in Hybrid system is where you are given an all-electric mode choice when driving which is both economical as well as environmental friendly.

This would be Mitsubishi’s extension of the already launched and popular i-MiEv city car which is a bigger and also definitely more practical version. This is because there would be more space and is way more powerful. The concept of the Plug-in Hybrid System here works in such a way that it uses the gasoline engine to generate electricity to be used when you switch the mode. The engine will then be able to activate between the 3 modes available namely the ‘All-Electric EV’, ‘On-The-Move Generating EV’ and ‘Motor+Engine’

They have also included the Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) system into this one, providing you with the best possible handling of the car while the Electric-Powered Active Yaw Control (E-AYC) is also incorporated. According to Mitsubishi, they have used a simplistic design and applied into this concept although from far it looks anything but simple.

The car is powered through by a 1.6 liter MIVEC petrol engine which is used either as the main motor or as the charging system for the batteries. This is where the car will run in an all-electric mode when you are in low to middle speed. It will then switch to a hybrid mode when energy gets too low. Charging of the battery is possible using the standard plugs while quick charge will give you about 80% energy in 30 minutes, pretty much the same as its original version.

One element worth mentioning here would be the Wireless Charging Program which typically is a preset time to start the car and charge depending on the electricity rates. This is where they really have taken into consideration your wallets and not just in terms of petrol consumption. Like it or not, this is one revolutionary car which although not entirely new but surely is practical.