Mitsubishi introduces the RM167k Mitsubishi Pajero Sport VGT

The Malaysian distributor of Mitsubishi cars, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia has just launched the new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport VGT.

This would be the more powerful version of the current Pajero Sport vehicle where it now comes with a new engine and some changes to the looks.

The new VGT is now powered up with the 2.5 liter DI-D Commonrail diesel engine with Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT) system. This means that you will get up to 175 horses through its DOHC 16v engine. The current Pajero Sport and the Triton too are fitted with the same engine but they are not fitted with the VGT which means you get less power. It is paired with the 5 speed INVECS-II automatic transmission gearbox while the other Pajero Sports only come with 4 speed gearboxes.

The nicer touch here is that the new VGT model comes with paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel as well as the Sport mode. This model is now on sale at RM167, 375.80 (on the road without insurance) and they are looking for a 50% increase of sales for the Pajero Sport. The VGT can be driven in 4 modes namely the 2WD and 4WD High Ranges and the $WD High land Low Range with Locked Centre Differential modes respectively designed for driving on different types of conditions.