Mitsubishi launches face-lifted Triton

There will be 3 different variants in the face-lifted version namely the Triton Lite which is a manual transmission powered version while the 2.5 liter comes in both automatic and manual transmission and the top of the range 3.2 liter version comes only in automatic transmission. The Triton Lite is where you get new designed headlamps, dual-bar grille as well as a colour-keyed front bumper all within its larger and more spacious boot space both in terms of length and depth respectively.

Sold for RM61,484.80 for the Lite, the 2.5 liter versions are sold for RM87,051.80 and RM91,921.80 for the manual and automatic transmissions respectively and for the 3.2 version, you can get it for RM99,143.50. according to Keizo Ono, the Chief Executive Officer of Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia, they are rolling out some 400 to 450 units per month and they are targeting to move about 500 of all three models.

He said “The company expects the re-launch of the Triton to increase the company’s market share to 21% by the end of the financial year. Pick-up trucks contribute to 60% of Mitsubishi’s sales and the company hopes to increase the Triton’s market position in Malaysia by next year. Currently, the Triton is No 2 in the pick-up truck market. No 1 is Toyota’s Hilux,”

The 3.2 liter model, seeming the top of the range is one that comes with a stylish and more sporty look with 265/70 R16 tyres and a cool looking stainless steel mesh front grille while the Lite is pretty much the baseline version. It is powered through the 2.5 liter engine which is the same ones you get in the mid-range variant but Lite here means that the car is less flamboyant in nature. If you are looking for something that looks great but not overly powerful then the 2.5 liter manual or transmission will be a good choice, but for those of you who like a good pick up truck without the frills then the Lite is your best choice. Now if you like power, then the 3.2 liter is your ideal choice.