Mitsubishi Motors M’sia brings in RVR-inspired ASX (Active Smart X-over)

They have called this model the ASX as it is supposed to stand for ‘Active Smart X (as in Cross) over’ and the units will coming in from its manufacturing plant in Japan. It will come with the 2.0 liter MiVEC 4B11 engine which is the same one fitted in the widely popular Mitsubishi Lancer but is less powerful as they will be making some changes here. It will most likely be paired with the CVT transmission gearbox that will have a Manual transmission selector.

According to Mr Tetsuya Oda, the chief executive officer of MMM, the latest global model from Mitsubishi Motors have been very well received in the markets launched and hence they are confident that it will do equally as well in Malaysia. Hence MMM has been trying to bring the ASX to Malaysia and that has now materialized because one of the main targets of the company is provide a wide range of Mitsubishi cars to the Malaysian drivers. With speculations and leak images of the new Waja replacement model from Proton to mirror that of the Lancer, Mitsubishi Motors surely has to start pushing harder for more choices so as not to lose their customer base.

Unveiled recently at the Geneva Motor Show, the ASX is no stranger to some who have seen the RVR back in February when it was rolled out in Japan. If you haven’t already know, it is also known as the Outlander Sport in certain markets. They are positioning the ASX where they are calling it the ‘Smart Size’ model where it combines the qualities of the SUV and sedan into one, giving you a best of both worlds. After all, it is more compact that the models in the C-Segment SUV but is more upsized that those in the B-Segment compact car category.