Mitsubishi shows off the ASX

At the Geneva Motor Show, they put on display the ASX which essentially is the Outlander compact crossover model. And we must reiterate that this too came with the Lancer nose. According to Mitsubishi, this will be later re-branded as the Outlander Sport and will come with the 1.8 liter, 4 cylinder turbodiesel engine, the first of its kind and the first to offer variable valve timing on a diesel engine in a passenger model. This is where you will get up t o148 horsepowers and 221 lb-ft of torque with 0.51-0.52 pound of CO2 per mile. While all others are busy with eco-friendly models, you might be asking just how ‘green’ Mitsubishi is with this one

Where that is concerned, it comes with low rolling-resistance tyres, regenerative braking and an automatic stop-start technology system. come Spring, the ASX will start selling in Europe although no news yet have been released on when it will start selling in the United States. There has not been any news too on whether which engine will be made available there but Mitsubishi has announced that this new turbodiesel machine will be fitted for the Lancer in Europe.

Apart from that, the engines will also be one of the initial eco-friendly engines to be followed up with more EVs like the i-MiEV, the PX-MiEV and such because they plant to come around with their own plug-in hybrid end EV models to bring in 20% of their revenues come 2020 while the rest to be made up from the ‘highly efficient diesel and gasoline models’, very much like what we are talking about in the ASX. Surely, as mentioned before, one way or another, Motor Shows are typically the place to see how each manufacturer are coping with the new buzz words, and at Geneva, the word is eco-friendly.