More road accidents recorded last year

In 2000, there were 10,272,684 registered vehicles while by the end of 2009, there were 18,446,274 registered vehicles which averages at 8%. He added that the number of accidents with injuries recorded a drop of 40.2% or 17,017. This was largely contributed by the government’s efforts in carrying out road safety programmes and events. Kong also reported that the biggest concern with injury accidents were with the high number of fatalities which mainly involved motorcyclists and pillion riders. He said that 4,067 of the deaths recorded of the 6,745 were from that group.

He was replying a question in parliament on why accidents were still high despite the country having world-class infrastructure in transportation as well as how the government is planning to solve them. Kong added that under the Road Safety Plan 2006-2010 as well as Zero Death Resulting From Road Accidents Vision, various road safety intervention programmes have been identified. Such programmes are aimed and will emphasize on changing the mindset and creating the awareness and culture among motorists on road-safety.