Mosley might overturn decision to step down from FIA

Where this is concerned, the FOTA threatened to hold a breakaway series next season should they decide to not join the fray then in protest of the new ruling. According to reports, Mosley had earlier claimed that he will not be contesting or re-election come October which to FOTA is one of the reasons they came down from their stand. But in light of the discussions and peace talks, Luca di Montezemolo, the president of the FOTA likened Mosley to a ‘dictator’ which prompted him to retaliate.

To say the least, Mosley still has the right to contest if he wants and unless he gets the apology from Montezemolo he demands, he might just do that. And if he does, then it is back to square one for all teams and the championship.

Mosley said “They made the mistake of dancing on my grave before I was buried. It’s no good the teams getting a PR agency to claim I am dead and buried when I am standing here as large as life. I am under pressure now from all over the world to stand for re-election. I will do whatever I have to do. It’s not in my nature to walk away from a fight.”

Some view this as an excuse or the right doorway for Mosley not to step down when election comes, and to be an opportunist in this whole situation. After all, peace within the FOTA and FIA was met with his decision to do so and his announcement of the possibility of not doing so came about after that, hence it seemed that he has it all planned out to begin with.

But whatever the reason may be, the repercussions could be that the teams might just revert to their threat of a breakaway series next season in the worse case scenario. Mosley added that “I don’t really expect Luca will apologise or withdraw in the way that he should. Yet, on the other hand, within the motor sport world nobody takes him seriously. He’s seen as what the Italians call a ‘bella figura’ (beautiful figure). He’s chairman of Fiat but the serious individual who runs it is Sergio Marchionne, and I don’t suppose he takes much notice of Luca. I do not want to leave the president’s office in a way where it was suggested that people from the car industry had pushed me out. If that impression is not completely dispelled, the clubs are going to insist that I stand again,”