M’sia’s own motorcycle Demak making waves

Production is taken care of in two of their plants located in Batu Caves and in Demak Laut Industrial Estate rolling out about 3% of the market share of the country. Demak has also been doing well overseas, launching its products in neighbouring countries Indonesia and Philippines under its over 200 dealership network.

Hu Ying, the Executive Director of DNC said that with the rising price of fuel globally, the development of its products will very much be focused on low fuel consumption and efficiency. She said "There is increasing awareness on fuel-efficient scooters and motorcycles. We will launch new models with 150 engine capacity and below at a pace of three to four models every year for both 2009 and 2010 onwards. The new models include two moped or cub models, one scooter model and one sporty model starting next year. Normally, we will launch new models in the first quarter,"

The current dealership that connects Malaysia, Indonesia and the Phillipines will be further expanded where they are targeting Europe and Australia. She added that "The sales are up as fuel prices go up. The main reason is fuel efficiency. In view of uncertainties in global oil prices, we are projecting 60,000 units for next year, including for both local and export sales. We expect to increase the number to 250 by next year. Tentatively, Demak will invest RM8 million for the Europe market and RM5 million for the Australian market at the preliminary stage, mainly as working capital," she said, adding that the expansion into South Africa had just started. The management has also identified new markets, including Laos, Vietnam and Sri Lanka as potential markets to strengthen its market share,"