Naza Group launches ‘Upgrade Promo’ this coming weekend

The campaign is aimed at those of you who are planning to ‘balik kampung’ during the Ramadhan celebrations and hence it is high time to change or ‘upgrade’ your vehicle. According to reports, Naza will be selling selected models at ‘jaw dropping prices’ which will run through their product lines which comes in all shapes and sizes. They will also be displaying some exotic models which will include the Ford Focus RS (rumour has it that you can get this at RM300k), the Aston Martin DBS and the Mercedes Benz CLC.

Datuk SM Faisal SM Nasimuddin has in the spirit of Ramadhan pledged that each vehicle sold during the special event, he will donate RM500 to 5 charity causes. This means that if their target of 500 units sold are met during the month, some RM250k will be going to charity.