Naza launches the new Picanto

You will notice that the most significant change in this would be the looks of it as the original Picanto has recently underwent a face lift recently in the global market, but that come with 2 different variants, which is manifested through its front design and Naza has brought in one which is the one with the rounded foglamps while the leaf-shaped foglamps is being considered for later editions, perhaps marketed as SEs or LEs respectively, but for now, the rounded lights would do just fine.

The interior of the car has been given a total change from its original as well where the dashboard now observes orange lights while the meter cluster is being fitted3 with an RPM meter although no water temperature is being displayed. A single DIN audio player is fitted in which gives you USB connectivity which is pretty good considering that music is less being played from CDs.

Under the hood, its 1.1 liter engine gets you to 64PS at 5,500rpm and a maximum of 96Nm of torque at 2,800rpm. You get from zero to hundred in 15.1 seconds which seemed pretty fine here, which is quick enough for its size and not overly powerful. But seriously, you would actually appreciate a little bit more power in this car if you are one who like to whiz around town, but otherwise normal city driving is quite sufficient.

Safety features too are not being compromised in any way where you get 2 front seat airbags that comes with the EX model. Seat belts are standard and you get 14 inch for the LS while the EX comes with 15 inch alloy wheels. ABS is not available though, which is disappointing.

In terms of safety, the front passenger and driver get two airbags – one each. The airbags are only available on the more expensive EX model. None of the models have ABS. There are four 3-point belts and a lap belt for the rear center. Wheels are 14 inch steels for the LS and 15 inch alloys for the EX, wrapped with 165/60R14 and 175/50R15 tyres respectively.