New Ferrari 458 Spider starts from RM1.9 mil


For all you speed lovers and luxury enthusiasts, this is something interesting as they have brought in the Ferrari 458 Spider to our shores.


This will be part of the Ferrari offerings here that will be joining up with recently brought in 458 Italia. If you like the Spider, you will have to fork out some RM1.9 million and if you decide to want more out of the speedster, you could also add in some customisation which might push the price to RM2.2 million.

This would be the version which was shown off at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show and it comes with the 4.5 liter V8 CV (Cheval Vapeur) 570 engine. Well, it doesn’t mean much except that it will push out some 562 horses and it will be paired with a 7 speed E-Diff dual clutch gearbox. As with sports cars, you get paddle shifters to push it to 100km/h within 3.4 kilometers. The 458 Spider top speeds at 320km/h and it comes with the F1-Traction Control as well as a high-performance ABS setting. It will be the first Ferrari to come with a fully-retractable aluminium hard-top which takes only 14 seconds to open or close. Other cool stuff here include the 20 inch wheels with 235/35 front tyres while the back is wrapped with 295/35 rubbers.