New monstrous looks for Valkyrie Audi R8 V10 by SR Auto Group

One thing for sure, this car does not look like any traditional myth or anything like that. It is futuristic and surely looks more modern than its original. What more, the matte black body warns you that this is one car you would not want to mess around with.

The first significant element you would realize in this monster (literally) is its matte black wraparounds which pretty much is the de facto of sporty cars these days. Apparently, the company wanted the car to exude a ‘dark, uncanny and evasive’ feel, which they did so quite successfully. This is very much contributed by the carbon fiber material used to cover the body of the car, and you will notice them on the side skirts, the air vents, the rear diffusers, the air dams and of course the smoked lights.

You will like the inside as well because SR Auto has put in their ‘Executive Interior Upholstery Package’ where you will see its black leather’s integration with suede and red threading very much appealing. They have not done much to the engine though, probably because the stock V10 FSI engine is already very powerful. The 5.2 liter comes with a 500 horsepower and 530Nm of torque, so you could pretty imagine that the performance is quite strong already. Apart from that, it also comes with 20 inch Advance One tyres with lowering springs provided by H&R. You would also notice the red brake calipers in within its Advance One tyres.