New Nissan Sylphy to come with Navigation System

It runs on the SpeedNavi SQ platform, using a 7 inch touch screen with a 800×480 resolution which at this size is pretty clear and impressive. One of its coolest functions here include the multi language options where you can use either English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Thai, Korean, Japanese and also Bahasa Malaysia. This is because the system is fitted into the models to be rolled out for both the Malaysian and Singaporean markets. On top of that, the maps included here are also meant for both these markets which comes with 15 levels of zooming capabilities.

This navigation mapping system incorporates a 3D junction view as well as a 2.5D building view which gives you the most accurate information about which junction you would expect to come to before making your turns and such. Fitted into the new Sylphy is also a reverse camera which comes with a night vision compensation as well. Both these functions are activated the moment you engage the Reverse gear.

For entertainment, you will also be able to enjoy the all round 6 speaker sound system streamed towards the audio and video player while it also reads from your USB drives as well as an external SD memory card. To get your hands on the Luxury Navi Package, you only need to pay an additional RM1,500 for the standard Luxury package while for an additional RM3,500, you would be able to fit in the TCAT Multimedia Navigator System which comes with the reverse camera and such.