New Proton Saga FLX SE available for booking

National carmaker Proton has just launched a new variation of the highly popular and selling well Proton Saga and it now comes with the Saga FLX SE. It now comes with some good looking 15 inch alloy wheels and 2 new colours which are the Fire Red and the Solid White.


Proton is looking to target the younger buyers with this one and it is fitted with the 1.6 liter Campro Intake Air Module engine and is priced from RM49,449 and is moved through its CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) automatic gearbox which will surely give you better performance and better acceleration as well. They have made some significant changes to the current model, which is the Saga FL and it will surely give Proton quite a boost. After all, since the launch of the new Saga back in January 2008, they have already sold more than a quarter million units.

Those who have booked their Saga can now opt to convert into this new model which is priced RM2,900 more than the FL version and Proton is looking to roll out 500 units per month once this new model gets to the roads. After all, the new contrasting grey, fog lamps and smoked-finished combination rear lamps would give it quite a new personality than the previous models. And it comes with 108 horses too.