New speed trap device to be used by Police

He said "This device is easier to use and weighs only 1.5kg compared to the older device that weighs 40kg. But we have just five units and we still have to use the older devices,"

The device, according to him not only takes photographs of those over-speeding but is able to record videos of speed while having a coloured screen. The current model could only take photographs. He added that “The new device may be installed on police vehicles to allow patrolmen to take photographs of over-speeding vehicles and those committing offences. With this we can detain offending drivers immediately or issue postal summons,"

Apart from that, the police had also started to set up bases on the ‘hot-spot’s along the highways. He said "We now use a new approach to handle accidents on highways by giving immediate assistance using police motorcycles located at 36 hot-spots. We hope to reduce the accident rate this year,"