New variant of Proton Saga FL 1.6 Executive launched

Good news for those of you who are considering buying the Progon Saga as national car maker Proton Group has launched a new variant to join with their current product line.
It is priced at RM46,549 and the Proton Saga FL 1.6 Executive edition will now come with a 1.6 engine to join the 1.3 line up which will be quite a welcome move considering that customers are always keen to have more powerful engines no matter how affordable the car might be.

It will come with only the solid white colour body and the 1.6 liter Campro IAFM engine will be mated with a 4 speed automatic transmission and will come with new alloy wheels as well as some cool designed body stickers. They have also added in some nice chrome finishing on the insides at the air-conditioning vents, some parts of the inner door handles as well as on the steering wheel ring. It will also be fitted with dual airbags in front.

Proton is currently rolling out about 6,700 units of the basic sedan model monthly and with the new and more powerful version, the company is looking to roll out an additional of about 300 more every month which they intend to boost the sales for the 2011-2012 financial year to 173,000 units with the Proton Saga contributing to 83,000 units.