New Volkswagen Eos on show in LA

The new Volkswagen Eos was put on show at the recent Los Angeles Motor Show 2010 and this new model of the cabriolet coupe surely provided a lot of excitement among those who saw it. The 4 seater Eos is currently the most sellable model for the company in America and the new version will start rolling out into the American market at the end of next March while come mid January, it would start selling in Europe.

For both the US and European market, the new Eos comes with different engines. The US gets the 2.0 liter TSI engine mated with a 6 speed DSG gearbox. This is where you will get the almost 200 horsepower engine while for the European market, they will get 3 petrol and 1 diesel variants. For the petrol models, they will come fitted with the TSI ones which gets you to between 120 horses and 206 horses respectively. On the other hand, the TDI (Turbo diesel) model gets you to about 138 horses.

As a German brand, it would not be without the latest technologies on the Eos. It comes with a multi function display monitor where you will like its colour screen. The Light Assist Main beam control system and the Park Assist system too have been included. Keyless Access lock and ignition system too are standard while apart from opening the doors of the car, the roof too can be opened through the remote control. As with cabriolets, the open top is very important and hence, VW had put a lot of effort to ensure that it is less intrusive and efficient. Hence you have the top removed and fitted into its storage in just 25 seconds.

Other standards in this one are the 16 inch alloy wheels with 215 tyres although buyers can also opt for bigger sets of rubbers. Behind the car, you will get the 2 part LED rear lights and rear bumper while inside the car, the ‘Wave’ design new fabrics could be ordered. For the higher range, it comes with sports seats but the ‘Nappa’ leather would do just fine. BlueMotion Technology could also be included in the entry level model if you like, otherwise, the car looks good enough just by driving it.