New VW GTi keeps the tradition going

Volkswagen has labeled the new MkVI GTI as the ‘performance Icon of the brand’ which can be quite a long shot to be honest. But then again, if it is VW, then it might not too much an overclaim would it? The GTI was first introduced back in 1983 and since then, they never looked back. If you remembered how the first version looked like, you will notice that it was squarish and less curvy. Fast forward to today’s demand and such, and you know that life is never going to be the same, ever. But as with any other flagship models, you know for sure that the DNA will remain.

Inside the car, you will definitely notice that it looks way more posh than its previous model which will be phasing out once this one comes into the picture. You will notice a much more superior looks than before. This is where you get some very fine quality fittings which looks pretty cool the moment you step inside the MkVI. It comes with 2 choices whether you like the leather seats or the cloth made ones. It also comes with some nice contemporary European styled adjuster knobs but to say the least, the navigation system here leaves you much to be desired.

Underneath the hood is where the GTI really excels. Well, as much as any GTI goes, you can be sure that the engine is the key selling point in this machine. If you think that this will be thoroughly enhanced from its previous model, then you might be left disappointed because the 2011 version uses the same 2010 version. This is where you get the 200 horspower and 207 pound-feet of torque engine from its 2.0 liter engine, which the people at Volkswagen presume to be enough to run with the competition.

Having said that you will be happy to note that the suspension has been redesigned although it is a bit too hard while including the dual exhaust system which you might not expect to be but can be very quiet. It also comes with the XDS which is VW’s own (Cross Differential System), ABS and Stability Control systems respectively.