New white colour Accord looks just perfect

The new Accord arrived at our shores in April and ever since then, it has steadily climbed up onto our markets as days go by, now you see so many new Accords raving around town and on our roads, and this new addition of the Taffeta White version will only seek to make its presence felt more. The thing is more and more models from all manufacturers these days are going along the white colour tones and Honda is just upkeeping with the competition.

One thing you have to contemplate when it comes to this car is its design. Its European-centric design makes it stand out in competition due to the fact that it looks so much more contemporary now. Apart from that, it also looks sporty and aggressive enough for the young professionals as well. For that, you can rest assure that handling and performance of this car is commendable and excellent.

Its posh looking leather interior and the nice looking shift gear knob makes the car ever more enticing. This comes fitted with side turn signals on its door mirrors, arm rests, a fully automated 8 way driver seat as well as a cruise control system. The car is powered through its 2.0VTi-L 4 cylinder 2.0 liter SOHC i-VTEC engine which gives you up to 156 horsepowers at 6,300rpm and a maximum of 189Nm of torque at 4,300rpm. The car costs RM149,800 which comparatively is RM8,000 more costly than the base 2.0VTi model. For an additional RM3,660, you can also add in a satellite tracking security system known as the Connex Stolen Vehicle Recovery System. Honda Malaysia is pretty upbeat about the launch of this model where they have targeted to roll out 200 units monthly. With all that involved, you probably won’t think too much into the maintenance of the whites especially during the rainy season.