New York Experiences the New 2009 Nissan Maxima

Labled by Nissan as the “the true 4-Door Sports Car”, the new 2008 Nissan Maxima is set to up the ante for cars in this categories. from the side it looks like a typical sedan car but one look at the front gives one a different impression altogether. This type of split personality in the model has always been the selling point for the company, says Nissan’s North America Vice President and GM mr Al Castignetti. He said, “Maxima has always enjoyed a certain ‘duality’ – a unique fusion of sedan practicality with the soul of a sports car. In recent years, however, competitive vehicles have caught up with Maxima in ‘sporty’ looks and performance. For 2009, Nissan is reclaiming its rich 4-Door Sports Car heritage with an infusion of emotional design, driving excitement and advanced technology – creating a silky, stimulating sports sedan like no other on the road today.”

Having said that, the designers were challenged to maintain this ‘duality’ while at the same time upgrade its structure altogether. The engineers initially were planning a more family oriented model, but looking at how well the GT-R has developed over recent months, they have decided to keep the Maxima and channel it into “the best performing front engine, front-wheel, drive car in the world.”. In doing so, they have redesigned both the inside and the outside of the machine starting from the LED taillights, the shark fin style headlights, some very significant cockpit improvements, and most defintely increases in performance.

There will be 2 models available for the Maxima, the S and the SV of which both comes standard with the 3.5-liter DOHC 24-valve V6 with about 290 horsepowers and 261 ft-lb of torque. The engines are fitted with the Xtronic CVT with available paddle-shifters. Consumers could choose between the 18 or the 19inch wheels and full manual transmissions are available. Otherwise one could opt for other additional accessories like rear spoiler, tuned suspension, bigger wheels, Xenon headlights, and the paddle shifters. Entertainment add ins include a 9.3gb Music Box system, a hard drive navigation system and rearview monitor.