According to Norbert Haug, the Vice-President of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport, it was agreed at the start of the cooperation between the team and the driver that should a more promising opportunity arises for Heidfeld, then he will be released to take up the offer and the job at Pirelli seemed to be the best bet for the German where Haug said that there would no one more ‘experienced or knowledgable’ than Heidfeld to help in the development of tyres for the championship.

Paul Hembery, the Motorsport Director at Pirelli explained that Heidfeld will be driving the Toyota TF109 car where the reason why the Toyota was used was because it was ‘neutral’ enough and will not benefit any team. After all, the Toyota was proven to be reliable and contemporary where no teams are using its engine that competes in the Formula 1 currently.