Nissan GT-R Track Pack – for the speed lovers


Here is something for everyone who loves cars and who loves fast ones. Nissan recently showed off their new Nissan GT-R Track Pack which is meant to focus on the speed issue of the car.


After all, what is a GT-R without the speed and this is just what Nissan came out with and even Mr Kazutoshi Mizuno, dubbed Mr GT-R himself has endorsed this version.

The GT-R Track Pack is typically the model which is focused on setting lap times without compromising on its road-legal stature where this was made to increase the power without any changes to the engine. This means that the over 550 ponies and the 2.6 seconds of century mark is not changed but they have ensured that the car is lighter and focused a bit more on the handling of the machine. It comes with alloy wheels complemented by RAYS which is 10kgs lesser than the stock version while they have also made changes to all around the brakes, the body which help to shave off some weight. They have taken off the rear bench and replaced it with some cool looking sport seats while you also get a nice looking Track Pack emblem on the dashboard. This cool Track Pack version is actually sold and is priced at £84,450 where it is available in Japan and the UK.