Nissan LEAF NISMO RC – the Racing EV

Everyone has already heard of the Nissan Leaf and what it could do. Everyone pretty much liked the Leaf for its modern design and eco-friendliness which include country leaders and celebrities alike. Now Nissan is pushing the bar a step further with the unveiling of the Nissan Leaf Nismo RC (Racing Competition) which is made specifically for the race track.

This is were you get the 100% zero emission lithium ion battery pack which is very much the same one being fitted in the standard mass market Leaf. Perhaps the cool addition to this is the Nismo brand name which pretty much tells you that this is no joking matter. It is specifically and specially designed and made for racing which means all that is not needed like the audio system, the rear seats, the carpets and such have all been taken out to ensure that it remains lightweight.
Put on show at the 2011 New York International Auto Show, this is what Nissan is looking to show the world just how well EVs would do as compared to its petrol siblings. Engineers who worked on this revolutionary model came from those who were previously involved with the Super GT and FIA GT1 racing teams so the Leaf Nismo cannot be taken too lightly.

To further prove the company’s seriousness in this matter, it will be making some special appearances in some races throughout the year while looking to build towards having a zero emission racing event in the future. Typically, this model is made for racing so it comes with the full works including a carbon fiber monocoque body. It is also fitted with LED lights both in front and in the rear as well as an adjustable rear wing. It is also specifically made with 2 doors unlike the stock version which is a 4 door car. Apart from that it also has a shorter wheelbase and is slight longer and wider than the stock version. As with race cars, this model is lower where they have dramatically lowered it by almost 1 foot where it is also re-engineered to be a rear wheel drive car.