Nissan Maxima SV Sport – Fast enough but…

One thing nice about this car is its insides. This is where you get the elegant looking and definitely more posh looking design to have come out of the Nissan product lines recently. To begin with, the plugs and knobs are ergonomic and easy to access, particularly with the nicely placed LCD screen which acts as both the entertainment control centre as well as the navigation system. On top of that, you will also like its plush leather wrappings around the steering wheel and around the dashboard as well.

Under the hood, you will like its powerful engine that varies from 3.5 to 3.7 liter engines where the top of the range one comes with 290 horsepower with 261lb-ft of torque. Of course, this is further boosted with its V6 and the CVT (Continuously Variable Timing) system which gets you from zero to hundred in slightly less than 6 seconds.

The good thing about this engine is that it is fast and pretty flawless in that you can barely feel the gear change especially when you step on the gas pedal and give it a run. Reviewers have been quick to point out that this car is really quick particularly with the fact that it comes with so many horses with the ‘push’ factor which really makes a huge difference as compared to the front wheel drives. In terms of space, this car comes in abundance meaning to say that being a 4 door 5 seater vehicle, you do actually get a lot of leg room inside and to say that it is luxurious might be pushing it a little and near-luxurious would be more on the mark with this.