Nissan Note gets self-cleaning prototype

If this is how the future is, then it will surely solve a lot of problems for vehicle owners. Nissan recently developed a prototype which is designed to clean itself. Built on its Note model, it has a special paint specifically made to repeal water and oils.
It seems that the Japanese automotive giant is serious about the self-cleaning car using the specially-engineered super-hydrophobic and oleophobic paint and it will got through further testing using different types of environments and conditions to see if the paint can actually be practical in the real-world.
This technology is called Ultra-Ever Dry where a protective layer of air between the paint and environment is created which can stop water and road spray from creating marks on the car. This coating is already available which is marketed by UltraTech International where the early response has been quite promising.
In fact, the coating has reportedly responding well to the likes of standing water, rain, frost and spray among others. At the moment, Nissan will only consider using this product as a future aftermarket option and has no plans to use it as a standard for any models. The Nissan Note meanwhile has been quite outstanding where it has a self-cleaning rear-view mirror.