Nissan proves GT-R is indeed King of the Road

As compared to the its previous version, the new 2010 GT-R will not be fitted with its former launch control system. It comes with a reprogrammed TCM (Transmission Control Module) which is fitted into its 6 speed dual-clutch transmission gearbox. Previously, the GT-R comes with some 480 horsepowers but this one is a wee bit faster. At 485 horsepowers, no one will be complaining as it also comes with 434 lb-ft of torque. Nissan also fitted in some enhance Bilsteins suspensions with a new brake system.

In terms of looks, it is almost identical to its predecessor but like it or not, the eye-candy value of this car is very high. It feels as if, Nissan wanted to design a sports car and with that in mind decided to do so, and they did just that. Like it or not, this car is all about looking good and running fast. So if you do not like the design, fret not because everyone else on the streets would.

One thing for sure, space would be what you will not like in this car, but then again, if it is a sports car, you know for a fact that most of what the car is all about is the driver, which means that unless you are driving this machine, you will not have much space to work with. The front passenger seat is designed to accompany the driver and that is all there is to it. If you want to sit on the rear, then you must be ready to get stuffed in.

Performance in this car is so much better than its looks. Surely, if you compare the GT-R with any other sports car, you will find that this car is way more worth than any of the machines in this segment. put aside the Lamborghini or the Ferrari, who might be a class above the rest, this car is somewhat a better buy than a Bentley if speed is what we are talking about here. but then again, speed IS what we are talking about here. The GT-R gets you from zero to hundred in less than 4 seconds and gets you to 190 mph tops. This 485 horsepower GT-R surely is the king of the road with this sort of specs.