Nissan shows what the future is like with the Townpod concept

For Nissan, their Townpod Concept car is one such example. One thing for sure, you are not all certain if it is a van or a car but one thing you can be sure is that it has the curves and it looks all the more like what the future is going to be like. The truth is, it is a combination of both, and more. You would have heard of the Cube and Leaf by now and this is where they have put in a bit of both into the Townpod.

The people at Nissan has put in a lot of time and effort on the versatility of the Townpod where you will like the 2 wide-opening panel doors to get to the boot areas. Space is further increased with the flat folding rear seats while the roof-mounted hatch is ideal if you are carrying long stuff. Inside the car, you will enjoy the minimalistic design where the more conventional switches have been replaced with LCD screens that control the entertainment, navigation system and ventilation which is also controllable through the steering wheel-mounted buttons.

They have also invented ‘The Puck’ which is a slotted rubber ball located in the middle of the car that is can hold items like mobile phone hooks, bag hooks and such. No news yet on what the motor is going to be but it would most likely be following its predecessor, the Nissan Leaf. Although Nissan will most likely not roll it into production (anytime soon, at least) you can expect them to use the Townpod as the basis of what their future direction might be like. Seriously, if this is what the future is like, this surely is exciting times.