Nissan Teana

Despite all the advertisements and reputation of building reliable cars, I have a bad experience with my Nissan Teana. I bought this car less than 2 years ago after much encouragement from my friends who believe that Nissan is a reputable brand.

In terms of driving experience, the Teana is quite good although I would like for it to be quieter and smoother. My biggest problem is with the air-conditioning. The first year was fine but about 2 months shy of 2 years, the air-conditioning is not as cooling as before.

I felt that it needs servicing and so I returned to the Nissan service center to have the experts look into it. They refilled the gas which should have solved the problem. Sadly, it didn’t. I have since traveled to and from the service center 3 times and the same problem persists.

The mechanic at Nissan advised me to service the air-cond generator which I did but there was still no improvement to it.

Since this did not work, my response was to have the generator replaced. The mechanic however is adamant to find out how to repair any damage on the generator.

As a loyal customer, I feel that my views should be respected. I have no time to waste in waiting for the mechanic to carry out trial-and-error practices on my car. I believe that I have other better things to do than to spend my precious time for your people to experiment.

If you do not know what to do, just admit it and replace what is spoilt.

I paid more than 100k for this car and like any other consumer, I believe we want our money’s worth. Until Nissan fixes this problem I will post my complain to every forum I can find.