Nissan to further strengthen their hold in sedan market with new Ellure Concept

One of the nicer looking concepts to come out at the Los Angeles Motor Show 2010 is the Nissan Ellure. According to the company, the Ellure concept is what they called the ‘sedan re-imagined’ and is what most could expect in the four-door range from the company in the coming months. Well, if you haven’t already know, Nissan had always been one of the most consistent sedan makers in the industry since their Datsun 510 years. Since then, they have been churning out generations of highly popular sedans that include the highly successful Sentras and Sunnys, among many others.

So it is no surprise that they came out with a new concept which will outline their future directions in the sedan segment. This is of course aligned with what the current buzz word of the industry of eco-friendliness where according to Shiro Nakamura, the senior vice-president and chief creative officer of Nissan Motor Co Ltd, the concept was put on show in LA to state their intent of what they want to be in this segment although it is not supposed to be the preview of any upcoming production models.

The Ellure Concept is set to show what the future design language from Nissan is and it will most likely be fitted with the 2.5 liter inline 4 cylinder engine with the Intelligent Dual Clutch Control system that comes with a 25 kW electric motor. It also comes with a front-wheel drive system and mated with Nissan’s Xtronic CVT integrated with regenerative braking as well as an advanced drive-by-wire electric/hydraulic steering system.

To show its low emission of CO2 and low fuel consumption, it is also fitted with a ‘Pure Drive’ emblem where it provides the driver with an optimized balance of value with top-level fuel consumption. Nakamura added that despite what segment they are in, the sedan will always be the core product range for the company and they are looking to rejuvenate the attraction factors of the sedan to their customers. They have also put in nice looking 21 inch 5 spoke aluminum alloy wheels in this one if you think that ‘eco’ models might be too ‘innocent’. Inside the car, you will be greeted with nice recycled fibers while the center console follows a ‘floating’ concept that lets you control the navigation, audio and many other functions as well.