Nissan X-Trail, a car for all seasons, literally

If you have always wanted a car which looked good and muscular and perhaps with a lot of space and is looking towards something along the likes of an SUV, the Nissan X-Trail could well be your ideal choice. One thing for sure, you will find that this is a tall car and its great if you want to be some sort of a ‘minor bully’ on the road. But otherwise, take a look around and you might find that the X-Trail seemed to be one of the tallest cars around in its class. After all, it is 1,685mm tall so that is pretty tall already.

Well, under the hood is where you will get the MR20DE Nissan 2.0 liter CVTC engine with its multi-point fuel injection system. This draws out 137 horse and 198Nm of torque which is then mated through with the XTronic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) with 6-speed manual mode gearbox. So with that in place, this car is pretty powerful already what with its heavy body which is both strong and robust.

As mentioned, this is quite a big car (and we must repeat that it is tall). They could have made it bigger and fitted in the third row of seats but our guess is that they want to keep it within a 5 seater and having said that, it also comes with 603 liters of boot space when the drawer is removed. Otherwise it would give you 479 liters of space behind. Entertainment is channelled through its double-din audio player system which also plays MP3 and Bluetooth connectivity.

Fitted with bi-xenon headlamps for better clarity, Nissan has been very serious about its safety features with this one. After all, they would need to give you more in order to provide more visibility when driving the X-Trail. The bi-xenons were included so that you get better visibility particularly during heavy rain and in night-driving. Fog lamps and a high-mounted LED stop light in the rear too helps with this. Of course, then there are the standards like ABS, EBD and Brake Assist as well as 2 airbags in front which are well what is required these days. The Nissan X-Trail is currently sold for RM149,500 OTR and comes in 5 colour choices namely Black Solid, Pacific Blue, Grey Metallic, Burning Red and Diamond Silver.