Nissan’s Infiniti M35 Hybrid is their first in this segment

The fact is that the people at Nissan has over the past years promoting the idea that hybrid cars are not the best solution to the problems with environmental issues within the industry and that with their recent unveiling of the Nissan Leaf meant that the best way to tackle this problem is by producing all-electric cars instead. Hence, they have ‘overturned’ that philosophy by producing a hybrid car perhaps due to the fact that buyers are currently demanding for cars which do not compromise power and acceleration.

So there you have it, the M35 Hybrid from Nissan which is designed based on the 2011M Infinity set to roll out in 2010. This comes with a very powerful 3.5 liter V6 engine with a lithium ion battery and electric motor. This move was once done by Honda when they launched the Honda Accord Hybrid V6 but decided to stop in 2006. Since then, luxury hybrids have been emerging in the markets by the bigger players with cars like the Mercedes Benz S400 Hybrid and the Lexus GS 450h (as in hybrid).

The lithium ion battery pack will be able to boost out double the conventional battery powers although it is similar in size. The cool thing about this car is that it will be able to run fully on electricity when needed which is ideal for short distance drives. Come Spring 2010, this car will be available with the M35 coming in 2 years later. According to Nissan, this will be the cleanest and most economic car from its stable. Pricing is yet to be available and if the current models are anything to go by, then you can expect it to be slightly below the USD50,000 mark.